In A Strange Land — A Young Doctors Travels

I fought to hold back the tears when I finally shut the door to my room. It was the last time I’ll call it home. It’s been home. Actually it was home. The old rusty stove and the leaden brown cupboards with the inscription “master chefs only” stuck on its doors, will forever bloom love on my mind. Those little kittens who knew me best when the stove gets hot and the knives slice, will forever define cute in my eyes. They say ‘all good things come to an end’ and so this also had to. The end. Just kidding, I was only getting started.

Sorry this chapter took so long.

I hate writing fairytales; but this strange land gave me a fairytale ending. In the end I knelt on one knee and asked this town to never forget me _ I bought a restaurant (my idea of a ring) just to keep me glued to this place. A tough choice, it should have been, only if I didn’t have plans to retire from medical practice by age fifty and become a chef. Maybe I see the hidden gems this land hides from its inhabitants.

My final goodbye; not really!

The end — this time I mean it! (Are you still reading?)


(Beautiful people only)

-My snowball looking, funny colleague and friend with the typical Dagomba accent who stuck his hands in a pregnant woman in that indescribable position whiles we rushed her to the theatre (please don’t imagine this, it was totally professional) and saved that unborn baby who introduced his cord to the world before his head. I can’t mention your name after saying this right? You keep bringing smiles to patients and everybody around you even when everything gets too tense at work. I pray I get to work by your side again someday bro.

-That beautiful mind nurse who I remember most for a walk _ you the hardest worker I know and you have heights to reach Burj Khalifa can’t hold you down. Never let anybody quench that light in you.

-My biking teacher — your crooked smile still lingers.

-The two famous womanizing friends who need no introductions — I said it! (in Chris Rock’s tone)

-Shy writer who would never make me read her work after reading my blog — you have to know you don’t need to be perfect to master the art of writing, you only need a heart.

-Movie partner, walker with a colorful name — I see you; the day you channeled your depressions into strength and understood the beauty in you is the day you were born again doctor.

-Impulsive hitter and admirer of Kwame Mmotia — You’re a good friend and I promise we have greater things to build.

-Teammate whose hands were too small for any glove size — you know I’m talking about you girl — never let your anger take the best part of you, always remember the name you bare my lady.

-Trash talker — I know we got the chance to team up only once but you know that was the best pair to ever happen in that department. Best duty ever, don’t you agree? You’re a good doctor bro.

-Hustler nijaman — I might have never told you but your energy to adapt and survive every situation is admirable, I learnt a lot from you. That morning waakye was epic though. Angry birds will miss us.

-Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy — I had to mention your name my man. You are a genius by all standards; you thought me a lot of things and it was always beautiful discussing cases with you though we on the same level. King of voodoo!

-Pathologist in the making — we had a great vibe. Remember the surgery we did that made me sweat; ended up with series and series of bosses coming in? That was a tough experience but we up on a dream and there’s no giving up.

-Mr T my tortoise friend. We had some good times and I wish I could keep you as a pet. But I’ve hated restrictions my whole life I couldn’t come to terms with caging you I had to set you free.

I obviously can’t name you all but if we ever laughed and you have more than two of my contacts you definitely know you played a big role in my little adventure and I love you for being you _ whatever you are.

Till we meet again.

Last Day In Tamale Teaching Hospital




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ezer agyin

A words artist. A Love Linguist; when I'm not under her spell, I'm a Doctor and a Loner, writing my adventures from places I shouldn't be.